Why Zendaya Makes A Great ‘It Girl’

    Why Zendaya Makes A Great ‘It Girl’

    It’s no secret that we are currently in the era of the “It Girl”.

    And in recent months we’ve seen the rise of Zendaya as one of the biggest It Girl’s of the year.

    Now, that’s not to say that Zendaya wasn’t already a shining star, because she undoubtedly has been for quite some time.

    However, with the spotlight being on her style lately, and her surge in movie and television appearances, she has been coined one of the latest It Girls.

    If you were to check out the definition of an “It Girl”, Wikipedia defines it as, “An ‘it girl’ is an attractive young woman who is perceived to have both sex appeal and a personality that is especially engaging. The expression it girl originated in British upper-class society around the turn of the 20th century.”

    There’s been numerous It Girls throughout the decades, in fact, you could go back as far as the 1800s with model and actress Evelyn Nesbitt being the first widely considered It Girl.

    Since then we’ve had many women who have risen to be considered It Girls – Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Moreno, Diana Ross – just to name a few.

    More recently we’ve seen Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Alix Earle, Hailey Bieber, Ayo Edebiri, Emma Chamberlain, and now, Zendaya.

    Obviously style plays a role in what makes an It Girl just that, however, in this current age people are wanting more than just a style icon from their It Girl. They want someone who exudes confidence, kindness, great morals and of course, a great personality.

    And Zendaya embodies all of these traits.

    One of the great things about Zendaya is her humility. Despite being “the one” to look out for on the red carpet, and the ever-growing list of acting roles Zendaya has landed lately, she has not let any of this fame get to her head.

    This humility has been displayed prominently in her press interviews.

    One interview that stuck with me recently is from Zendaya’s appearance on Live With Kelly and Mark.

    During her interview, Kelly Ripa asked Zendaya to talk about how she is the most watched for style icon on the red carpets this year and what she thought about that.

    Zendaya answered very humbly, crediting her stylist Law Roach for his impeccable work, and then went on to say how she sees each look that she wears as a character that she is embodying and stepping into the role of.

    While this may not seem like an earth shattering answer to most, this answer portrays that Zendaya doesn’t see herself as being solely a celebrity adorned in luxury designer dresses, a sentiment that is not in the realm of possibility for most people.

    Instead, she shows that she is not only committed to her work as an actor, but is passionate about it, being able to portray different characters depending on the different looks she is wearing at the moment.

    Which, a little fun fact that she has mentioned in recent interviews as well, when she is on red carpets for different movies and television shows, she likes to dress in the theme of that movie or show. (Example her robotic look from the Dune premiere, or her tenniscore looks in honor of the release of her movie Challengers.)

    Her account of how she feels about being on the red carpet, was backed up in a VOGUE article profiling Zendaya.

    Within the story, her stylist Law Roach was asked to talk about Zendaya, and he goes on to talk about how she loves to stay in and cuddle up on the couch with her dog, something many of us can relate to.

    This relatability makes Zendaya just that much more likable as the latest It Girl.

    Speaking of relatability, while she is often done up by a glam team for the red carpets and events, she is not afraid to show off her bare face, which is both physically beautiful and a beautiful sentiment to her younger fans.

    And while she is not as public about her relationship with her Spiderman co-star Tom Holland, from what we can see, the two are an incredible pair trying to live a down-to-earth relationship with one another, that is full of support for each other’s careers.

    With all of the stardom she has seen in recent months and years, Zendaya still shows glimpses of the girl-next-door that she is deep down, working to balance the work, family, friendships, mental health, relationships and all that life hands her – again, something else we can all relate to.

    This down-to-earth personality, mixed with her style and beauty, makes Zendaya the perfect It Girl.