WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Hannah Montana’s Cody Linley

    WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Hannah Montana’s Cody Linley

    You ever wonder what Jake Ryan from Hannah Montana is up to? Me too. That’s why Cody Linley is the subject of this first edition of “Where Are They Now?”

    Cody Linley’s first credit comes from the 1997 show Wishbone, where he starred alongside the beloved dog in an episode.

    Following that role, he had a bunch of small roles in a variety of movies and television shows, including a quick part in Miss Congeniality, Cheaper by the Dozen and That’s So Raven.


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    He then picked up some bigger, more significant roles that he would be recognized for, including the role of Mullet Fingers in the movie Hoot, Sean in the movie The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It, and finally his reoccurring role in Hannah Montana as the love interest Jake Ryan.

    In more recent years, following his stay on Hannah Montana, Linley starred as Matt Shepard in Sharknado 4 and 5.

    Additionally, Linley competed on season 7 of Dancing With The Stars, where he finished in fourth place with partner Julianne Hough.

    Presently, Linley is quite active on social media, posting his travels and what he’s been up to, which happens to be teaching acting lessons at the moment!

    So, if you’re interested in receiving acting lessons from Cody Linley, that’s something you can do online, which at the looks of his website actually seems not too badly priced.