We Think We’ve Found The “It Girl” Fragrance Of The Summer

    We Think We’ve Found The “It Girl” Fragrance Of The Summer

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like fragrance is such an underrated facet of our beauty routines.

    So often we’re obsessing over finding the right eyeshadow palette, or the perfect moisturizer that we inadvertently neglect fragrance completely.

    And while it’s amazing to receive compliments like “love your hair” or “your makeup looks great”, there is just something about being asked what fragrance you’re wearing that is so flattering.

    When it comes to fragrance, we are tasked with finding the happy medium between too strong of a scent, and so subtle that you don’t even notice it’s there. And sometimes this can be a daunting task.

    You know that saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – well, the same could be said for fragrances. The perfect scent can vary from person to person, that’s why we often say that people have a “signature scent”.

    However, with all of that being said, we think we may have found THE “it” perfume of the season – and we just know you’re going to love it.

    It comes from the French brand Juliette has a gun, which is known for focusing on making a statement with each of their fragrances, rather than just creating nice scents.

    The fragrance we’re talking about in particular is a new launch of theirs, named after the brand’s namesake itself.

    We’re talking about the new Juliette fragrance.

    Juliette Eau de Parfum



    Juliette is part of the floral family of fragrances – though we’re not talking light and airy, but rather warm and seductive in a sense.

    The Juliette scent features top notes of Dark Cherry and Pink Pepper, heart notes of Cashmere Flower and Jasmine Absolute, and base notes of Ambroxan and Tonka Bean.

    “For this new creation, I wanted to reconnect with Juliette’s essence,” says Romano Ricci, the creator behind Juliette Has A Gun.

    “Juliette stands as a symbol of confident complexity, of proud subordination,” he says. “Free and passionate, Juliette leads the dance. This new fragrance, with notes of Dark Cherry, Pink Pepper and Jasmine Absolute invites us to follow her captivating footsteps.”

    From the scent itself, all the way to its exterior flaming red bottle, the new fragrance exudes sex appeal.

     “Born to be iconic” is the statement behind the Juliette scent, and iconic it most definitely is.