viisi Releases New Single, “i left my hometown”

    viisi Releases New Single, “i left my hometown”
    If you’re looking for some new music to check out, we’ve got you covered.
    Musical artist viisi has released his latest single, titled i left my hometown.
    The new track is all about making the jump from comfort into oblivion in order to chase down your dreams. i left my hometown pairs electric riffs with some incredible vocals and dynamic beats.
    This song will definitely fill you with adrenaline.
    “This year, I took the leap and moved away from the city where I grew up. I quit my job and told my friends and family that I was leaving to pursue my passion for music. This song was written about the feelings of being held back and building a new life somewhere else,” viisi says.
    i left my hometown is available now for streaming.
    viisi, which is the Finnish word for five, represents past, present, and future.
    Matthew Borley, the artist known as viisi, dropped his first rough cut when he was just a freshman in high school. Since then, he’s toured Europe and played sold out shows in the South of France.
    viisi draws inspiration from 90s hip-hop legends, and looks to push the boundaries of what it means to be an artist in current times. He has shown he is unafraid to touch on personal experiences in his music, having pulled from family conflicts, fallouts, reality checks and struggles with self-worth.

    viisi shows much promise for the future.

    To learn more about viisi, check him out on Instagram and TikTok.