Star-Studded Film ‘Summer Camp’ May Be THE Movie Of The Summer

    Star-Studded Film ‘Summer Camp’ May Be THE Movie Of The Summer

    I feel like nowadays so many movies are sequels or remakes that truly no one asked for. So when you come across an original movie it’s exciting, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

    I had seen the trailer for the new film Summer Camp and thought “oh, that looks cute” and guess what? It totally was!

    This was seriously a star-studded movie, every scene that introduced characters I was like oh! Look who it is!

    For a quick synopsis, the film follows the story of three women Nora, Mary and Ginny, played by Kathy Bathes, Diane Keaton and Alfre Woodard, who met at summer camp when they were young girls. Fast forward 50 years later, and the women are living their own lives, but reunite for a summer camp reunion.

    During their time they run into old flames, reignite their passions for some old hobbies, and really just have an eye-opening week together.

    The movie features tons of big names, in addition to the three actresses I already named, like Eugene Levy, Dennis Haysbert, Josh Peck, Nicole Richie and more.

    I loved that the film had some underlying themes of soul searching, learning to love yourself and prioritize your self, and just finding out there is more to life that can make you happy other than work and what you’re used to.

    I found myself laughing out loud throughout the entire film, and I would totally say this is one of the best new movies I’ve seen in a while.

    So, if you’re thinking about going to see Summer Camp, I totally recommend. It’s in theaters now!