SPELLES Releases New Single, Music Video For ‘Night Terrors’

    SPELLES Releases New Single, Music Video For ‘Night Terrors’

    Pop band SPELLES has released a new single, with an accompanying music video, for their track titled Night Terrors.

    With hints of Amy Winehouse-style vocals, this haunting track is perfectly released for this time of year.

    The track in its entirety features a wide array of instrumentals, accompanied by soulful vocals, that make it such a unique sound.

    Night Terrors is available now for streaming.

    You can also check out the accompanying music video below:


    Luc Laurent and Kathryn Baar are the masterminds behind the genre-defying SPELLES.

    SPELLES first broke out back in 2014, when their unreleased track Bird In A Cage, was featured in the hit television show Pretty Little Liars.

    Since then, the duo has released two EPs, and multiple singles. And have amassed over 5 million streams.

    If you’re fans of Radiohead, Portishead or Nina Simone – you’ll want to check out SPELLES.

    To learn more about SPELLES, check them out on Instagram.