Skyler Cocco Releases New Single, ‘Anxious Attachment’

    Skyler Cocco Releases New Single, ‘Anxious Attachment’

    Indie pop artist Skyler Cocco is riding high after the release of her single Hot Like Summer, and now she is back with another brand new single.

    The new track, titled Anxious Attachment, is Skyler Cocco’s most vulnerable track yet.

    The song delves into the feelings of having intrusive thoughts that take up way too much space in your head.

    When talking about the track, Skyler says, I wrote Anxious Attachment as a way to distract me from overthinking when my partner was out of the country in the beginning of our relationship. I tend to have an anxious attachment when things are new romantically, as a product of past relationships that have made me feel less secure. It was cathartic for me to kind of “call myself out” and write it from the perspective of someone explaining to their partner how certain trivial things can make me go insane (not texting back, ruminating in the silence) but also acknowledging that it’s part of the human experience and most of those feelings are just amplified in my head. I wrote and produced the whole song in one sitting and even kept the demo vocals for the final ones because they felt so locked in to the emotions I’m trying to convey. This is the first song I’ve produced, mixed and mastered all on my own as well.”

    Anxious Attachment features such an amazing upbeat melody accompanied with no-less-than catchy lyrics, that there’s no way you won’t be singing along by the end of the song.

    Anxious Attachment is available for streaming now.

    Cocco began making music at the young age of 11. Since then, she’s released a number of tracks sharing stories of her personal experiences and struggles in relationships.

    If you’re a fan of artists like MUNA, HAIM and The 1975, you’ll want to check out Skyler Cocco.

    To learn more about Skyler Cocco, check her out on Instagram and TikTok.