Pop Duo Fake Dad Release New EP ‘Yerba Mala’

    Pop Duo Fake Dad Release New EP ‘Yerba Mala’

    LA-based bedroom synth pop meets indie rock duo Fake Dad are riding high after the release of their new EP, Yerba Mala.

    The EP takes us on a deep dive into interpersonal relationship dynamics in an ever-changing world.

    The name of the EP, Yerba Mala, is a Spanish phrase that frontperson Andrea’s mother would use in gardening to describe the weeds and vines that needed to be removed so that new flowers could grow every season.

    “From friends to family to hometowns, these songs explore what it’s like to grow with (or apart from) other people in search of self-betterment,” Andrea says.

    Yerba Mala is available for streaming now.

    Each song off of the new EP is truly intoxicating, with catchy lyrics (like opening track, So Dramatic!, which features a line ‘I’m so dramatic, actin’ like I’m drowning on the Titanic’) and synth-laden upbeat sounds that will undoubtedly have you tapping your foot or bobbing your head along to the beat.

    Fake Dad do a great job of making their music relatable, as the duo are open with their own struggles of battling anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia, hoping their transparency will help others know they are not alone.

    Additionally, they were intentional to make themselves relatable to those who find themselves as a Hispanic person in America. The track So Dramatic! is a lighthearted bilingual song, which Andrea describes, “having bilingual lyrics that are never fully in Spanish was very intentional because we’re trying to capture the identity and existing duality of being a Hispanic person in America who may have grown up speaking primarily one language at home but largely another in the outside world.”

    All in all, Yerba Mala is an EP worth checking out – as it has something for everyone.

    To learn more about Fake Dad, check them out on Instagram and TikTok.