Platinum Artist Donna Lewis Releases New Single

    Platinum Artist Donna Lewis Releases New Single
    We all know the classic track I Love You, Always Forever by Donna Lewis.

    Well, now the platinum songwriter and artist is back, and she’s released a new single.

    The track is called The Imposter, and it was inspired by Lewis’ own battle with breast cancer.

    When describing the track, Donna Lewis says it is “an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt the dark and the light together; anyone who’s felt fear and bravery all at the same time.”

    “During my treatment, I found myself in different rooms during different visits to the hospital. The verses step into these rooms and capture the fear, pain, and darkness of chemo’s side effects. But the chorus shines with love and light and gratitude. It’s a thank-you, both to the medical staff who cared for me, but also to myself for being a little braver and a little stronger throughout the journey,” she says.

    And of course the track showcases Lewis’ beautiful euphoric vocals that we all fell in love with.

    The new single comes from her upcoming album, Rooms With A View, which documents Lewis’ year-long journey through breast cancer – which she found out about through a routine medical check up, just as she was about to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her debut album.

    “It is an offering of hope for anyone going through a dark tunnel. I am forever grateful to share it with you,” Lewis says about her upcoming album.

    The Imposter is available for streaming now.

    Donna Lewis is no stranger to the music industry.

    As mentioned before, she won over listeners with her hit track I Love You, Always Forever, which came from her debut album in 1996. The song reached #2 on the Billboard chart and #5 on the UK chart, and is still regularly listened to and loved to this day.

    Whether past or present, Donna Lewis has made it quite clear that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

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