PEBBLES Cereal Reveals ‘Berry Sweet Collection’, Collaboration with Susan Alexandra

    PEBBLES Cereal Reveals ‘Berry Sweet Collection’, Collaboration with Susan Alexandra

    I’m sure you all remember eating the PEBBLES cereal growing up.

    You know what I’m talking about, that colorful cereal that featured your favorite characters from The Flinstones on the box.

    Well, now the PEBBLES cereal brand is teaming up with NYC-based fashion designer Susan Alexandra to release a limited-edition collection of vibrant, colorful Berry Pebbles cereal-inspired accessories.

    The collection comes just in time for the spring fashion season, as we get ready to pull out all of our fun, colorful clothing and accessories.

    Susan Alexandra

    The Susan Alexandra x PEBBLES collection features three super fun designs.

    First, there is the Berry PEBBLES Breakfast Vignette Bag, a vintage-inspired, breakfast tablescape bag, with sequins, beads, a magnetic snap closure and satin lining.

    Then we have the Tutti-Frutti Berry Bag Charm, inspired by the color of Berry Pebbles cereal, and of course, the flavor. This adorable charm will make the perfect addition to your bag or key ring.

    Lastly, we have the Berry Pebbles Cereal Bowl Bag Charm, another adorable bag charm with stunning beading, featuring a bowl of Berry Pebbles cereal complete with a silver beaded spoon.

    The limited-edition collection is available now, exclusively on

    PEBBLES and Susan Alexandra will also be giving fans a chance to win the collection through a giveaway on the PEBBLES cereal Instagram.

    So, if you want to add this adorable collection to your spring wardrobe, you better act fast.