New Movie “The Bad Shepherd” Coming To Streaming Later This Month

    New Movie “The Bad Shepherd” Coming To Streaming Later This Month

    I’m back with another movie review, to help you all decide what movies are and are not worth watching this month.

    I was given the opportunity to check out an early screener of a new movie coming out at the end of the month called The Bad Shepherd.

    Without giving too much away, the movie tells the story of four men who encounter an accident as they are headed into the woods on a hunting trip.

    Upon finding a bag full of LOTS of money, they are forced to face quite a number of moral dilemmas.

    I would say the main themes of this movie are greed and betrayal.

    It does a great job of showing how money can turn even the best of friends against one another. A storyline that unfortunately happens all too often in real life.

    This movie is definitely a slow burn, but man are there some twists at the end… like seriously, I would have never guessed how this movie ends.

    In addition to the unique storyline, the cinematography in this film is beautiful, and it was nice seeing actors that I wasn’t really familiar with prior to seeing the film.

    All in all, if you’re a movie buff or someone who likes movies that make you stop and think “what would I do in this situation?” you’ll want to check out The Bad Shepherd, available for streaming February 23rd, 2024.