Leah Mason Releases Her Latest Track, ‘Klepto’

    Leah Mason Releases Her Latest Track, ‘Klepto’

    Pop singer-songwriter Leah Mason has released her latest single, titled Klepto.

    The new single follows the release of her track YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS, which was the inaugural track to Leah Mason’s new pop era.

    Klepto is another track solidifying Leah’s spot in the pop world.

    “The song is about this friend I had who I noticed started to take a lot of ‘inspiration’ from me. She would subtly ask me about where my clothes were from, and the next week she’d show up in the same thing I had been wearing. It was flattering at first, but she eventually started messing around with the people in my life, like talking to guys she knew I liked and inviting my friends to hang out without me. It was like she wanted my life. It was so frustrating because it felt like she would try to take everything I told her about. She was a goddamn klepto!” Leah says.

    The track features great storytelling and catchy melodies that listeners are sure to love.

    Klepto is available now for streaming on all platforms.

    Leah Mason’s journey into music began at the young age of eleven, when she began performing covers in a classic rock band.

    In 2019, she made her way to Nashville, attending Belmont University and quickly emerging as a country-pop star.

    Fast forward to 2023 when she released her debut EP, Honeydew & Hennessy, which received millions of streams.

    Her sound has been compared to the likes of Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini and Kacey Musgraves.

    To learn more about Leah Mason, check her out on Instagram and TikTok.