Is The Shark FlexStyle Worth The Buy? We Break It Down

    Is The Shark FlexStyle Worth The Buy? We Break It Down

    One thing about me, I don’t like having buyers remorse.

    If there is a pricey product that I have my eye on, I will sleep on that possible purchase for days, maybe even weeks, before purchasing it.

    In fact, a friend of mine told me that she often thinks about the “$1 rule”, something she learned about from a writer at Forbes. The rule is that for a purchase to be worth it, you should use that product as many times as the dollar amount you paid.

    So, for example, if you buy an item for $100 – will you use that item 100 times? If so, then the purchase is probably worth it.

    Sure, this won’t work for every purchase in life, like a dress you wear for a wedding or big event, or food, or some other things. But, it could work for some of those bigger purchases you debate on making.

    I recently made a big purchase that led me to consider this rule, and I have to say, it has definitely been worth the price.

    After many years of using a cheap hair dryer, I decided that it was time for an upgrade.

    And being as I am obsessed with all things beauty and fashion, I wanted to get one of those hardcore airwrap type hair dryers – you know, for science.

    For months I debated over whether I wanted to get the Dyson AirWrap or the Shark Flexstyle. I had been saving up my reward points from ULTA Beauty for months, and I had reached the limit that they allow you to put towards a single purchase, so I figured it was time to make my purchase.

    However, that decision of which tool to get did not come easy. I asked for tons of recommendations from friends and acquaintances, some of which are hairdressers, and I watched countless TikTok reviews.

    At the end of all of this, I found that it truly came down to personal opinion, and due to the prices of these tools, not many people have both that they could compare.

    Though, I common theme among the opinions I heard were that the Dyson didn’t hold curls as long as the Shark, but that the Dyson was still a great product nonetheless.

    At the end of the day, the biggest deciding factor for me was the price. The Dyson Airwrap retails at $599.99, while the Shark Flexstyle retails at $299.99 – so, I purchased the Shark.


    I did it - I got the Shark Flexstyle! Once I actually read the instructions im going to be unstoppable 😂 #sharkflexstyle #airwrap #firstimpression #hairtok #hairstyle #beautytok

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    Both of the tools came with the same type of attachments, so the kinds of attachments weren’t a concern.

    However, one thing that drew me to the Shark Flexstyle rather than the Dyson Airwrap was the actual blow drying attachment.

    I found myself liking not only the attachment, but the fact that the Shark rotates to form an actual hair dryer shape is so helpful, and practical.

    Aside from the regular blow drying attachment, the Shark Flexstyle comes with a number of other attachments, like a round brush, a paddle brush, and the two airwrap attachments. In some kits, you can swap out the paddle brush for a diffuser.

    Fortunately, I’ve made good use of all of these attachments.




    The round brush has been great for giving my hair a nice blowout, better than the round brushes that I had been using prior.

    The paddle brush has been great for smoothing out my hair. I naturally have straight hair, so I can’t speak to the straightening aspect of the paddle brush, but it does make my hair noticeably smoother.

    Lastly, when it comes to the airwrap attachment, it’s a labor of love, but it is worth the process. I wouldn’t say it is a time saving tool, but the end result looks amazing, and it’s not as heat damaging as your run of the mill curling iron.

    Though I will admit, my curls could use some work. I have been testing out different hair products to see what could help my curls hold longer, though I haven’t found what I am looking for just yet. This is an issue, however, that I’ve had with my hair for a long time.

    Overall, I am incredibly pleased with my decision to go with the Shark Flexstyle, and it has for sure been worth the money so far.

    However, I have to tell you, that if you’re looking for a right off the bat easy to use hair tool, this isn’t it.

    The Shark Flexstyle, as well as the Dyson Airwrap, are both tools that take some getting used to and some practice to be able to achieve the look you are going for.

    So, if you’re looking for an investment piece (both time and money), then the Shark Flexstyle may be the tool for you!

    If you’re interested in checking out more about the Shark Flexstyle, click HERE.