I Didn’t Think This Serum Would Help My Cellulite, But It Did & Now I’m Obsessed

    I Didn’t Think This Serum Would Help My Cellulite, But It Did & Now I’m Obsessed

    It’s no secret that our bodies change as we get older.

    We no longer look the way we did in high school, and that’s okay! In fact, we’re not SUPPOSED to look that way forever.

    As we grow older our bodies undergo different changes due to a wide variety of factors. Throw in having a baby and surely EVERYTHING changes.

    Since I’ve had my daughter, I’ve been learning to come to know and love my new body.

    My hips no longer fit into the jeans that I used to love, my back permanently hurts, the list goes on.

    One big change that I didn’t realize I would struggle with is my skin.

    When I was younger, I never had to deal with things like cellulite. Nowadays, it’s a different story.

    Having developed some cellulite postpartum, I thought that it was just something I’d have to come to terms with, and for the most part, I have.

    However, being the way I am, I still wanted to see if there were any remedies that would work to help eliminate it – even if just a little bit. To help me gain some of my confidence back!

    I’ve tried an endless amount of scrubs, and while they made my skin feel nice, they didn’t do anything for my cellulite, like they claimed they would.

    Recently, however, I was doing some browsing online and came across a a cellulite serum that I was intrigued by.






    The serum in question is from the brand Truly. It is their Anti Cellulite Resurfacing Body Serum

    The brand is known for creating vegan, clean, and cruelty-free ingredients.

    This particular product is formulated with bitter orange and retinol and has the goal of smoothing and tightening skin.

    When I first purchased this serum I was like “eh, I doubt it will work, but worth a shot”. Fast forward a few weeks and I couldn’t believe that I could actually see a noticeable difference in my skin.

    All you do is apply the product each morning and night to the problem area, which for me, is my legs.

    Sure, the results are more of a marathon than a sprint, but that applies to just about every skincare product out there. You’re RARELY going to see overnight results with a product.

    However, though patience is key, the journey has definitely been worth it in my opinion.

    Of course due to the fact that it contains retinol, you shouldn’t use this while pregnant. 

    For me, this came into play postpartum.

    For such an easy application, I am obsessed with the results it has given me thus far!