How-To Style: Wide Leg Jeans

    How-To Style: Wide Leg Jeans

    Most of us already know about this year’s millennial vs. Gen Z debate about jeans, but if you don’t let me enlighten you.

    If you are in your 20s/30s or even beyond – your go-to pair of jeans is probably a pair of skinny jeans. I mean, if you’re considered a millennial, you likely lived through the bootcut jeans phase of life already, and even the dark era known as the low-rise jeans era (excuse me as I go cry in a corner).

    Those skinny jeans are great, right? They go with literally everything in your closet, you can wear any pair of shoes with them, you can wear them to work or out to lunch, or wherever your heart desires. So, you’re probably thinking, why would anyone ever debate this?

    Well, according to the rising trends on TikTok over the past year (which seemingly influences the runway and store shelves these days), skinny jeans are what Gen Z calls “cheugy” aka tacky.

    If this is news to you, we’ll give you a moment to digest and process this horrid information…

    Now, back to what we were discussing… Gen Z believes that your go-to jeans should be baggier fitting jeans, for example: boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, bootcut jeans or even wide-leg jeans.

    You’re totally having flashbacks to the early 2000s now, aren’t you… It’s okay, so did the rest of us when hearing this information.

    This discrepancy in fashion caused some really heated debates online – with millennials holding onto those skinny jeans for dear life.

    As it turns out, there was at least one thing gen z was right about – baggy jeans are actually pretty freaking cool.

    But before you have a meltdown and burn every pair of jeans in your closet, don’t worry. Skinny jeans will truly never go out of style. After all, they’re just too practical to ever be banished from our wardrobes.

    In reality, you can have the best of both worlds. I mean, after all, you can never have too many pairs of jeans, right?

    All of this leads into today’s post: Wide Leg Jeans.

    When you think of wide-leg jeans, you may think of your favorite Eminem music video from back in the day. Or, at least, that’s the first thing that comes to mind for me.

    However, it’s actually much different than that. You can actually style wide-leg jeans in a number of ways, that believe it or not, are very trendy and cute!

    That’s why today we’re sharing a couple of fall and winter outfits using wide-leg jeans, that can hopefully inspire you to put together your own looks with some wide-leg jeans!

    Just check out the YouTube video below for how-to style wide-leg jeans!


    Have you styled some wide-leg jeans yourself? Share with us in the comments!