Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Launches Men’s Care Brand: PAPATUI

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Launches Men’s Care Brand: PAPATUI

    I’m sure you know the name Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Maybe you know him from his time in the WWE, maybe you know him as the voice of Maui in the movie Moana, maybe you know him from his other various acting roles.

    Well, now you can also know him as the founder of the new men’s care brand PAPATUI.

    PAPATUI was born from Johnson’s belief in prioritizing wellness, and that taking care of oneself is critical. Which doesn’t seem like a farfetched belief for someone like him.


    The brand also has a deeper meaning for Johnson, “The name PAPATUI is deeply personal to me. My Samoan grandfather, the High Chief Peter Maiviawas the first man who taught me what men’s care was all about. Even though I was just a 5 year old punk kid, my grandfather was one of my heroes. He was strikingly handsome, had beautiful skin, was well groomed, always smelled incredible, he was loved and respected by everyone, and on top of all that – he was also tough as hell – an attribute he clearly did not pass on to me lol. His nickname for me, was “Tui”. And “Papa”, which translates to “Rock” in Samoan, also comes from my most important and protected role, which is father to my three daughters. I wanted to honor these anchors in my life. Thus, PAPATUI.”

    The new brand offers high-quality products developed over the course of three years with a team of skincare experts. Not only are the products effective, but they have cleaner ingredients as well.

    The best part? It all comes at an affordable price.

    The line is launching with a decently expansive collection offering skin, hair, body, and tattoo care.

    The collection is available starting today on PAPATUI.com, and will be available at Target both in-stores and online beginning Sunday, March 10.