Draumr’s New Single With Matya Is The Perfect Summer Anthem

    Draumr’s New Single With Matya Is The Perfect Summer Anthem

    Summertime is arguably one of the best seasons for new music. I mean, there’s nothing quite like a new, upbeat jam to blast through the speakers as your headed to the beach, or laying out by the pool.

    And if you’re on the hunt for that new summer anthem, you may want to check out Draumr’s new track featuring Matya, titled Things To Say To Yourself.

    The new single is a song about that feeling when you’re falling for someone new, but your brain gets in the way with all its doubts and excuses.

    “The song’s message is something we can all relate to. It’s about that voice inside our heads that talks us out of taking risks or trying new things. A lot of times, we don’t even realize it’s happening, but it can really mess with our lives and steer us away from amazing opportunities. Sometimes, just one small decision influenced by that voice can change our whole direction. If we learn to ignore that toxic self-talk, we can avoid missing out on great experiences,” Draumr tells The Afternoon Tea.

    Things To Say To Yourself has everything you want out of a good summer song.

    It’s groovy sound pairs perfectly with the upbeat vocals of Draumr and Matya, whom he knew was perfect for the song.

    “Matya and I met in LA about two and a half years ago when I was working on my new album. I needed a female voice for some of the songs, and when I heard her, I fell in love with her voice and asked if she wanted to be part of it. She loved the idea and jumped on board. While recording, we decided to do a song together. She inspired the title and story, so we wrote the lyrics together, which brought us even closer. We soon realized we had similar tastes in music and a lot of respect for each other,” he tells us.

    The songs catchy chorus will undoubtedly have you swaying and singing along after just one listen.

    If you’re in the mood for a good indie-pop tune, Things To Say To Yourself is a must-listen.

    The new track is available now for streaming.

    If a new song isn’t enough, there is also an accompanying music video that is trippy and colorful in the best way.


    The music video is the last piece in a series of six interconnected music videos, all directed by Draumr himself.

    “I’ve always loved making my own visuals and telling a consistent story. With every EP or album I release, the videos follow a storyline that ties together and reaches a conclusion. Each video has easter eggs from the previous ones or hints about what’s coming next. I really enjoy doing that. To me, every album is like a whole movie,” Draumr says.

    So, if you’re looking for a song of the summer that is more than what you hear so much of these days, Things You Say To Yourself is the song to check out.

    In fact, the new single’s sound is just a taste of the uniqueness you hear in Draumr’s work.

    “I think an artist’s job is to take the audience somewhere new, whether it makes them uncomfortable or fills them with awe. Everyone’s mind is so unique and beautiful, like its own movie or book. I’d say my music and visuals are where dreams meet reality, taking you on a smooth, synthetic, and ethereal trip through a multifaceted world,” he says.

    What can fans expect next from Draumr? He tells us.

    Things You Say To Yourself is the final single before the release of my upcoming album, Somewhere Stellar, which is scheduled for release on September 20. I will be performing in Los Angeles on September 19 at ‘We Found New Music’, where I will showcase all the songs released since the beginning of the album’s promotion, along with additional tracks. I am optimistic that more shows will follow!”

    To learn more about Draumr, check him out on Instagram. You can also learn more about Matya on Instagram as well.