Does The TikTok Viral Jumpsuit Live Up To The Hype? I Ordered It To Find Out

    Does The TikTok Viral Jumpsuit Live Up To The Hype? I Ordered It To Find Out

    It seems like every time I open TikTok these days, there’s a product that floods my “for you” page with video after video talking about how good the product is.

    The TikTok viral product I’ve been seeing lately is a jumpsuit from the shop Cider.

    There was one video I came across, from influencer Kayla Caputo, that really sold me on the product.

    In the video Caputo talks about how she and all of her friends tried on the same jumpsuit. She makes note to say that each friend has a different type of body, with one of her friends even being pregnant, but yet, this same exact jumpsuit looked good on all of them.

    After hearing that statement right there I was like “yup, I’m sold”.

    During a time where I am trying to learn to love my post-baby, almost 30-year-old body, I am on the hunt for clothes that are comfortable, but yet flattering and make me feel confident.

    So, I ran straight to the TikTok Shop to order this TikTok viral piece.

    This is when I found out the jumpsuit in question is the Solid Sleeveless Wide Leg Jumpsuit, from the brand Cider.

    Now, Cider is a brand that I had constantly come across, noticing all of the cute pieces they have, but never gotten around to ordering from them, because I had never shopped there before so I wasn’t sure of the sizes, or quality, of the brand.

    However, I figured after hearing all of these testimonial reviews of how stretchy and flattering and great this jumpsuit was, I’d take the leap and order it.

    Fast forward a week, maybe a week and a half later, I received the jumpsuit. Needless to say, I immediately opened my TikTok to record my first impressions and honest review of the jumpsuit.

    One thing about me, if I don’t really love a product, I won’t pretend like I do.

    If I didn’t feel utterly confident in the jumpsuit, I wasn’t going to share my video.

    Luckily, that didn’t happen to be the case.


    @bricutter Can confirm the cider jumpsuit is in fact jumping. 😍 #tiktokmademebuyit #tiktokviral #jumpsuit #ciderjumpsuit #fashiontiktok @ciderusa ♬ idyll - Jonjthan

    When I originally saw that the price of the jumpsuit was under $30, I truly thought to myself that there was no way I was going to love it.

    Imagine my surprise when the TikTok viral jumpsuit ended up being everything that all those videos claimed to be!

    The material of the jumpsuit is stretchy, but not to the point where it looks like it should be for working out.

    It has a corseted top stitching detail, but then flows into comfy wide legs.

    My favorite thing about the piece is how versatile it is.

    I was easily able to put on some sneakers and add my crossbody bag and some jewelry and was fully styled to go run some errands or just go shopping. But then you could also style it with a pair of heels and a blazer for work or even a more formal event.

    Though I ordered the jumpsuit in black, because I felt that’s the color I would get the most use out of, I am fighting the temptation to buy it in all 16 colors that it is offered in.

    And although not every TikTok viral product that comes across my feed lives up to the hype that is built around them, I am so glad that this jumpsuit did. Because I can see myself getting a whole lot of use out of it!


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