Do Eyebrow Stamps Really Work?

    Do Eyebrow Stamps Really Work?

    It seems as though every day more and more beauty products are being released to make our lives easier.

    From automatic makeup brush cleaners to LED face masks, and everything in between.

    But where do we draw the line between effective products and gimmicks?

    Sometimes, these beauty gadgets that claim to be able to work wonders, do nothing except work our patience.

    One of the products that I’ve always wondered whether or not they work, and are worth the money are eyebrow stamps.

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    I’ve seen a number of eyebrow and eyeliner stamps out there, and seeing as I’m actually pretty decent at eyeliner, I found myself interested in the eyebrow stamps.

    Anyone who knows me, knows I can’t do my eyebrows if my life depended on it. I’m just flat out terrible at it, and it shows. Seriously, it’s like I have two wild animals running loose on my forehead.

    So, when iMethod Beauty reached out and offered to send over their eyebrow stamps, I immediately became intrigued.

    Would these stamps really work? Would I finally be able to have normal looking eyebrows, and a *complete* face of makeup?

    Check out the video below to see how it turned out:


    All in all, I have to admit, my expectations were actually exceeded. I, sort of, expected disaster. Especially from me being a first time user.

    Is there room for improvement? Of course. I think at the end of the day there will always be room for improvement. But, undoubtedly, they will improve the more I use them.

    The process itself ends up being super easy, and it is definitely beginner-friendly.

    Another plus? The stamps are under $20!

    If you’re interested in checking out these eyebrow stamps, click HERE.

    If you’re interested in checking out more from iMethod Beauty, click HERE.