Cloe Wilder Releases Brand New Track ‘Homesick’

    Cloe Wilder Releases Brand New Track ‘Homesick’

    If you’re looking for some new music to dive into on this Friday, Cloe Wilder has just released her new track, titled Homesick.

    If your fans of artists like Gracie Abrams, Lizzy McAlpine or Phoebe Bridgers, you’ll want to check out Cloe Wilder.

    The track’s emotional lyrics, accompanied with the soulful guitar, really compliment Cloe’s powerful vocals in the most beautiful of ways.

    With just one listen to Homesick, there’s no denying that Cloe Wilder has some major talent.

    Homesick is available now for streaming.

    At the age of just 17, Cloe Wilder is spending most of her time these days working on her sophomore EP.

    Cloe began writing music at a very young age, attending her first writing camp at just 12-years-old.

    She later formed a writing partnership with songwriter and producer Sam Nicolosi, which then resulted in her debut EP, Teenage Lullabies, which was released back in 2021.

    Cloe consistently displays a talent that is way beyond her years, leaving us all excited to see what’s to come for the young rising star.

    To learn more about Cloe Wilder, check her out on Instagram.