Antonio Banderas and Alice Eve Star In Crime Thriller Film ‘Cult Killer’

    Antonio Banderas and Alice Eve Star In Crime Thriller Film ‘Cult Killer’

    A new year means new movies hitting theaters – and we just got an early look at one of this year’s newest films.

    Cult Killer, directed by Jon Keeyes and starring Antonio Banderas and Alice Eve, follows the story of an experienced private investigator who is working to crack a big case.

    Antonio Banderas plays the role of Mikhail Tellini, an experienced private investigator who is murdered while investigating a big case. The role of Mikhail is seemingly made for Banderas, as he does a great job showcasing his hard shell, while giving glimpses of the soft personality that lies underneath.

    Following Mikhail’s murder, his protege Cassie Holt, played by Alice Eve, takes over the case he was working on while also working to solve his murder.

    The main theme of this movie seems to be seeking vengeance, as Cassie seeks vengeance for Mikhail’s death, while also coming upon a girl named Jamie, played by supporting actress Shelley Hennig, who is seeking vengeance for her traumatic past.

    If you like a movie with some strong female leads, then this movie may be worth the watch for you.

    Cult Killer is filled with action packed scenes, which for someone who first discovered as Alice Eve in her role as Molly in She’s Out Of My League, this was unexpected but also very pleasantly surprising for me. This just goes to show that Eve has some range when it comes to her acting roles.

    Though it takes a little while to get used to the jumping back and forth of timelines throughout the film, once you are able to establish these settings, the movie becomes full of plot twists that will have you on the edge of your seat.

    It is worth noting that Cult Killer touches on some serious and sensitive topics throughout the film that occur even in the real world. So if you plan on going to see the film, you should keep this in mind.

    Without spoiling too much, if you are fan of crime thriller movies, this may be the movie for you.

    Cult Killer hits theaters on January 19th.