Alexis de la Rocha Releases New Track ‘Running Back’

    Alexis de la Rocha Releases New Track ‘Running Back’

    Los Angeles-born and bred Latine singer-songwriter Alexis de la Rocha is fresh off the release of her new single, titled Running Back.

    Alexis describes the track, “it’s a tribute to my 90s self and an anthem for anyone who’s ever found themselves in a toxic relationship or situation, where they compromise their essence and lose sight of their best selves. This track is the ultimate reminder to hit the rewind button on self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance during those challenging moments.”

    Check out Running Back below:


    If the name Alexis de la Rocha sounds familiar, you may recognize her as the front woman of experimental band BEATMO and LJ Laboratory.

    She has also been acclaimed by the likes of Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Rolling Stone and more.

    To learn more about Alexis de la Rocha, check her out on Instagram.